High angular resolution in astrophysics:
optical interferometry from theory to observations

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8th VLTI Summer School
Cologne, 6-13 September 2015


Registration (closed since 15.07.2015)

  1. The registration for the VLTI Summer School is now closed.

Support through Fizeau Program (deadline 30.05.2015)

  1. Limited financial support will be available via the Fizeau Program. Applications to this program can be made here by May 30th, 2015.

Payment of the fee (deadline 15.07.2015)

  1. The registration fee amounts to 200 euros. The fee will cover for housing and food during the school duration.

The payment of the registration fee can be made here.


Bibliography for the school

In preparation to the VLTI school, the participants can find hereafter some non-exhaustive links to introductory material to be studied separately

Review/introductory papers on interferometry theory

  1. “Optical Interferometry”, A. Quirrenbach, ARA&A 39, 353 (2001) - Link

  2. “Optical interferometry in astronomy”, J. D. Monnier, Reports on Progress in Physics, Volume 66, Issue 5, 789 (2003) - Link

  3. “Phases in Interferometry”, J. D. Monnier, New Astronomy Reviews 51, 604 (2007) - Link

  4. “An introduction to visibility modeling”, J.-P. Berger, New Astronomy Reviews 51, 576 (2007) - Link

Papers on VLTI instruments

  1. “AMBER, the near-infrared spectro-interferometric three-telescope VLTI instrument”, R. Petrov et al., A&A 464, 1 (2007) - Link

  2. “MIDI - the 10 microns instrument on the VLTI”, Ch. Leinert et al., Ap&SS 286, 73 (2003) - Link

  3. “PIONIER: a 4-telescope visitor instrument at VLTI”, J.-B. Le Bouquin et al., A&A 535, A67 (2011) - Link

Science/techniques papers

  1. “Circumstellar disks and planets. Science cases for next-generation optical/infrared long-baseline interferometers”, S. Wolf et al., A&ARv 20, id.52 (2012) - Link

  2. “Imaging the heart of astrophysical objects with optical long-baseline interferometry”, J.-P. Berger et al., A&ARv 20, id. 53 (2012) - Link

  3. “The building blocks of planets within the `terrestrial' region of protoplanetary disks”, R. van Boekel et al., Nature 432, 479 (2004) - Link

  4. “A diversity of dusty AGN tori. Data release for the VLTI/MIDI AGN Large Program and first results for 23 galaxies”, L. Burtscher et al., A&A 558, A149 (2013) - Link

  5. “Reaching micro-arcsecond astrometry with long baseline optical interferometry. Application to the GRAVITY instrument”, S. Lacour et al., A&A 567, A75 (2014) - Link

Training and tutorials on the web

  1. An excellent source of information and teaching resources is also found on the website of the JMMC. In the training section are offered several courses that also introduce the data reduction procedures for the VLTI instruments (cf. material delivered for the schools 2010, 2007a and 2007b, 2006)