I have moved! New homepage https://homepages.dias.ie/jmackey/

From 1. January 2016 I have moved to the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. Please go to my new homepage for up-to-date information.

  • pion: the code I wrote and develop for photoionization with MHD.
  • PLUTO MHD code, which I used with D. Meyer for his PhD work.
  • Research pages, with more information on selected research results that I have been involved with.

Most of my work involves computer simulations of fluid dynamics. During my PhD I wrote a grid-based code for hydrodynamics (HD) and magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) that included a ray-tracing module for calculating the attenuation of radiation from point sources of ionising photons. This code is now called pion, read more here. The algorithms are described in Mackey & Lim (2010), Mackey & Lim (2011), and with more recent updates in Mackey (2012). The code is not yet public, but will be eventually.

With Dominique Meyer and Norbert Langer at AIfA I have also used the PLUTO MHD code for modelling stellar winds. This is a flexible adaptive mesh-refinement code for astrophysical HD/MHD, and for our purposes it is used in 2D cylindrical coordinates with a thermal conduction solver.

Results and movies from simulations can be found in my research pages, and in the links to my publications.

Simulation Snapshot

Above is a snapshot of a simulation using pion, taken from Mackey, Mohamed, Neilson, Langer, & Meyer, 2012, ApJ Letters, 751, L10. We modelled the bow shock produced by the runaway star Betelgeuse assuming it has recently evolved from a blue supergiant to its current state as a red supergiant. This can partly explain some of the more puzzling aspects of Betelgeuse's circumstellar medium. Click on the image to open a movie of the simulation's full evolution. Read more here.

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