The Kramers-Kronig Toolbox (KKTOOL)

V. Ossenkopf,
MPG AG ``Dust in Star-Forming Regions'' Jena

The Kramers-Kronig toolbox (KKTOOL) is an interactive program for manipulating optical constants/dielectric functions of different materials. At any given step the Kramers-Kronig consistency of the materials can be checked or reproduced. Starting from an arbitrary set of constants (n, k, epsilon', or epsilon'') the other functions may be produced by a Kramers-Kronig analysis. A convenient extrapolation of the constants outside of the range covered by the material data has to be done by the user. Several standard functions for the extrapolations are available and the continuation can be visually controlled. The computed constants can be stored or used in further calculations. All computations can be controlled by eye via graphical plots.