Mie Scattering Program with Permeabilities (MIERED)

V. Ossenkopf,
MPG AG ``Dust in Star-Forming Regions'' Jena

The Mie Calculator (Reduced version) (MIERED) is a simple sequential program for the computation of the absorption and scattering efficiencies and the asymmetry factor of spherical particles with a fixed radius from given optical constants $m$ and permeabilities $\mu$. It differs from the full version of the Mie calculator (MIE) in three ways. It only allows the treatment of spherical particles with given optical constants. Neither the oscillator representation nor the treatment of ellipsoids nor the computation of Planck averages are included. However, the file output is not restricted to the absorption efficiencies but also the scattering efficiencies and the asymmetry parameter are written into files. The computation of the asymmetry parameter substitutes for the backscattering efficiency. Furthermore, the program allows the treatment of materials with magnetic permeabilities different from 1.

The complete manual is available as dvi-file.