Coagulation of naked grains (SIMNAKED)

V. Ossenkopf,
MPG AG ``Dust in Star-Forming Regions'' Jena

SIMNAKED is a program for the simulation of the coagulation of dust grains without ice mantles. It solves the coagulation equation by an Eulerian integration in conditions typical for the interior of a cold molecular cloud core. This means that the physical effects of thermal and turbulent motions, relative grain velocities due to accidential grain asymmetries, grain charges and a finite critical velocity for grain sticking are implemented.

The dust particles are characterized by two parameters - the compact volume and an internal density parameter. The evolution of the dust distribution over these two parameters is followed at any fixed point in the cloud. No dust transport is incorporated. The resulting dust distributions can be stored after arbitrary time intervals. Any resulting distribution can be used as starting distribution of further computations. The theoretical basis for the simulation program is discussed in Ossenkopf (1993, 1994).