Modern Concepts in Laboratory Astrochemistry:
from Molecules, through Nanoparticles to Grains

Editors: Stephan Schlemmer, Harald Mutschke, Thomas Giesen


The role of laboratory astrochemistry (introduction)

Black                                                                                                                            20

Modeling and Observations

Henning, Herbst, Semenov                                                                                           50

Gas Phase Collisions

Schlemmer                                                                                                                  100

Surface Chemistry

Hornekaer                                                                                                                    80

Photodissociation and shock chemistry

van Dishoeck, (Joblin, Rawlings, Hartquist)                                                                50

Photostability of small molecules

Photostability of PAHs

new experiments on photostability

Molecular Spectroscopy

Giesen, Schlemmer                                                                                                      100


Electronic spectra (DIBs)

IR spectroscopy (UIRs)

FIR, mm and sub-mm spectroscopy

theory for spectroscopy

Dust and Nanoparticle Spectroscopy

Mutschke, Henning                                                                                                      75

Formation of Nanoparticles and Solids

Jäger                                                                                                                            80