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Daniel Seifried

Theoretical astrophysics

I am an astrophysicist and private lecturer at the I. Physical Institute of the University of Cologne, Germany, working in the field of computational astrophysics. My main research focuses on the interstellar medium and the formation of stars in the present-day universe. I am interested in High Performance Computing, Machine Learning and the analysis of Big Data and am involved as a co-developer of various astrophysical software packages.

As a private lecturer I am supervising Bachelor-, Master- and PhD-theses. For more information and available topics, feel free to contact me.


I. Physikalisches Institut
Universität zu Köln
Zülpicher Straße 77
D-50937 Köln

phone: +49 221 / 470 6147
e-mail : seifried@ph1.uni-koeln.de

Research interests:

- Present day star formation:
    - magnetic fields
    - star forming filaments
    - molecular cloud formation
    - interstellar medium
    - protostellar disks and outflows
- Synthetic observations
- Interstellar turbulence
- Primordial star formation
- Astrochemistry (KROME)
- Radiative transfer (FLASH PP)
- High Performance Computing

Publications (Link to ADS)

Synthetic emission map of a star forming cluster.
Data from Seifried et al., 2011 Video: Courtesy S. Reissl


I. Physikalisches Institut
The SILCC project
SFB 1601
KROME: Chemistry package for astrophysical simulations
FLASH PP: Post-processing pipeline for FLASH / RADMC-3D
POLARIS: POLArized RadIation Simulator
PhD thesis: Magnetic fields during the early phase of massive star formation

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