High angular resolution in astrophysics:
optical interferometry from theory to observations

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8th VLTI Summer School
Cologne, 6-13 September 2015


Final program

Information on the program of the VLTI School can be downloaded here: Program.pdf

The pdf is accessible by clicking on the title of the corresponding lectures

Sunday, September 6th

  1. Arrival/registration and cocktail

Monday, September 7th

  1. Introduction to AGN unified model (S. Hoenig)

  2. High angular resolution studies of AGN (S. Hoenig)

  3. Interferometry Theory (G. Weigelt)

  4. Data reduction (K. Tristram, F. Millour)

  5. Visibility modeling (K. Tristram, F. Millour)

Tuesday, September 8th

  1. Physics of the Galactic Center (A. Eckart)

  2. Micro-arcsecond astrometry of the Galactic Center (Th. Paumard)

  3. Model fitting (M. Tallon, R. Grellmann)

  4. Fringe tracking and sensitivity (J.-U. Pott)

  5.   Photonics-based interferometry (N. Blind)

  6. VLTI and interferometry history (P. Léna) 

Wednesday, September 9th

  1. Physics of circumstellar disks (S. Wolf)

  2. Disk modeling with radiative transfer codes (S. Wolf)

  3. Image Reconstruction (K.-H. Hofmann)

  4. Visit to Effelsberg telescope

Thursday, September 10th

  1. Evolution from disks to planets (A. Juhasz)

  2. Mineralogy of young disks (A. Juhasz)

  3. Closure and differential phase (F. Millour)

  4. Astrometry (A. Quirrenbach)

  5. Proposal preparation (C. Paladini)

  6. Preparation of observations (C. Paladini)

  7. Image reconstruction practical exercises (K.-H. Hofmann, D. Schertl)

  8. Conference Dinner

Friday, September 11th

  1. High-mass stars (H. Sana)

  2. Proposal preparation by students

Saturday, September 12th

  1. Close environment of evolved stars (C. Paladini)

  2. VLTI 2nd generation (J.-P. Berger)

  3. Future of Interferometry (S. Kraus)

  4. Presentation of proposals by students

  5. Career development (P. Garcia)

Sunday, September 13th

  1. Presentation of proposals (by students)