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Regular courses in the current curriculum

Fourier transform and its applications
Master level course in astrophysics module, together with J. Stutzki
Astronomie und Raumfahrt
Vorlesung für Hörer aller Fakultäten / Studium Integrale, jedes Wintersemester
The Physics of the Interstellar Medium
Master level course in astrophysics module, summer term 2018, 2020, ...
Physik und Ethik
Seminar zu gesellschaftsrelevanten Themen gemeinsam mit der Fachschaft Physik. Sommersemester
Praktikum A, B und M
Das Praktikum findet jedes Semester statt. Hie finden Sie einige Prüfungshinweise.
Advanced Seminar of Astrophysics and Laboratory Astrophysics
Discussion of new astrophysics results
Topics covered by me SS 2019: "The magic 0.1pc - filaments in Orion", "Feeding of galaxies"

Previous lecture series

Star formation
Master level course in astrophysics module, together with P. Schilke
Numerical recipes in physics with Mathematica exercises
Special lecture for summer semester 2011
Space technology
Lecture on scientific space missions, space conditions, rockets, trajectories, and satellite systems, 2009
Einführung in die Astronomie
Studium Integrale lecture, given until 2008
Physics and Chemistry of Photon-dominated Regions
Lecture series held 2007 together with C. Kramer and M. Röllig.
Radioastronomische Messmethoden
Lecture series held in WS 2006/2007 together with M. Wiedner, U. Graf, N. Honingh, K. Jacobs, and O. Siebertz.
Numerische Algorithmen in der Physik I and II
Special lecture given in 2005 and 2006
Chaos und Struktur in nichtlinearen Systemen
Lecture series given in 1997 and 1999

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